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Indoor logistics solutions

Indoor logistics has the noble function of controlling all logistics flows of companies, covering areas such as handling, picking and packing, storage, inventory stock-keeping, shipping, distribution, restocking supply chain, supply of the production chain among other operations.

For each process, activities and routines are carried out in full harmony with the strategies and goals established.

Thanks to indoor logistics, companies operate according to an efficient routine, which allows the right materials to be available at the right time and place.

That is, indoor logistics is responsible for the organization of all internal flows. It makes the biggest difference in the flow of companies, especially e-commerce.

Indoor logistics in practice

If indoor logistics, which encompasses the entire process of receiving, warehousing, control and distribution of materials used within an organization, is a key factor for obtaining efficiency and increase in quantities produced in industries, it is also a differential factor in service providers.

The often empirical and unmapped set of processes, which has a direct influence on the outcome and final performance of organizations, is mapped with indoor logistics.

From an efficient analysis, one can determine and outline a logistics planning that contributes to improve the flow of material and information existing in companies, since the improvement of organizational processes is generated from the improvement of information and material flow processes.

In practice, the management of all stages of the indoor logistics chain, supported by technology, includes:

  • material and resource management, accurate surveys on the needs of each area of the company, gathering information of everything necessary for production and distribution.
  • purchasing management, selecting the best suppliers, types of raw materials, quantities and prices.
  • management support services (back-office) to the Supply area, with follow-up, materials logistics, etc.
  • receipts of direct and indirect materials, validating their technical and commercial specifications.
  • support services for production processes.
  • packaging, storage, picking and dispatch services for products.
  • study of the best methods and techniques for storage: protection, conservation and control of all products available in stock.
  • Warehouse management, with receipt service, conservation and storage of direct and indirect materials.
  • analysis of transport, methods, systems and equipment used in the distribution, in addition to the deadlines for shipping and delivery of goods to the consumer.
  • definition of the ideal means of transport for the distribution of goods, responsible professionals, control and delivery times.

Advantages of indoor logistics

When well applied, indoor logistics allows the development of strategies that determine a company’s success in terms of cost, speed and quality.

  • Proper handling of materials;
  • Inventory reduction;
  • Cost reduction;
  • Best use of labor;
  • Supply chain optimization;
  • Better use of company space;
  • Agility in internal processes;
  • Increased productivity.

Competitive differential

Indoor logistics is one of the major differences of Sequoia, one of the largest e-commerce logistics operators in the country.

Sequoia, an indoor logistics and outdoor consumer distribution company, stands out for its continued improvement in logistics and transportation services, with the application of customized, complete and integrated technological solutions for companies of all segments.

For you to have an an idea, Sequoia fulfills more than 22 million orders per year in e-commerce; and, for Banks and Means of Payments, makes 2 million calls per year throughout Brazil.

Sequoia has a great competitive differential, which is the stock of customers’ products in its warehouses, enabling acceleration in flow and direct impact on delivery time, which often manages to be smaller than expected, in up to one day – which is important nowadays with customers requesting maximum agility and quality in the delivery of their products.

Sequoia’s specialized services include warehousing, handling, technical assistance, picking, packing, shipping, door to door distribution, courier, reverse, route and stocking.

For this, it has its differentials:

– More than 150,000 pallet positions;

– More than 140,000 m² of storage area;

– More than 4,000 direct employees;

– Operations in strategic locations;

– The largest e-commerce logistics operator in Brazil;

– Fleet with more than 500 vehicles, 100% tracked

Fast deliveries

With flexibility and innovative solutions for quick deliveries, such as “same day delivery”, Sequoia performs operations capable of making deliveries between an incredible 4 to 6 hours after the customer’s request.

It’s important to put yourself in the end customer’s shoes. He wants speed and information in relation to the purchase made and we need to meet these expectations. At the beginning of logistics operations, it was good to have things delivered in 30 days. Then with improvement, it went to 2 days, then 12 hours and today we already talk in minutes. Therefore, it is important to put yourself in the shoes of all the participants in this chain, to understand what each one needs in this process”, says Luiz Biazzi, director of operations for indoor logistics at Sequoia.

Innovative solutions

Sequoia’s planned solutions aim to provide more savings, efficiency and profitability to customers’ businesses.

For this, it has its differentials:

  • Omni Channel Service: all integrated distribution channels;
  • Customization of services: storage, picking, packing, shipping and door to door distribution;
  • Flexibility: ensuring effective solutions to better serve each customer:
  • State-of-the-art technology: digital solutions for the logistics chain, order management, Vertical Shuttle, WMS and TMS itself;
  • Central monitoring: 24-hour cameras and security guaranteed by tracked equipment, modern control tower to act preventively
    Indoor logistics solutions.
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