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Learn why investing in logistics can be the secret to success

The e-commerce market has never been so on the rise. According to data from this year’s Wenshoppers edition, the internet sales sector grew nearly 50% in the first six months of 2020. The high prices, the highest recorded in the last two decades, is largely due to the need for change in behavior caused by the pandemic.

With a drive of over R$ 38 billion in the first half of this year alone, e-commerce is a good sector for those looking for a successful venture. But if you seek to stand out among competitors in the trade, you need to prioritize some elements that retain your customers.


Use a complete platform
The first step is to think about the platform on which your store will be allocated. The choice of a good platform ensures that the entire user experience, from navigability to product delivery, is positive, since all management will be made easier. There are platforms that integrate inventory, payment and carrier information, to allow the manager time to focus on marketing and attract more and more customers.


Have sales and operations planning
But more than engaging in a navigable platform and in marketing strategy, an e-commerce needs to think about logistics for your product to reach your customer’s hands.

It’s no use attracting the public to your site if at the time of the purchase, it is faced with difficulty in receiving the product, combined with complaints from other consumers plus the amount paid for delivery.


Have you ever thought about losing a sale because the product is unavailable on the site? Or if your warehouse capacity is compromised because there is too much stock in trade? Therefore, it is important to plan sales and
operations so that you have an efficient inventory management and stock removal strategies.


Inventory control
Inventory control is the next step to know whether your planning is working. Its purpose is to prevent you from missing or accumulating too much merchandise, allowing you to manage finances and reduce physical space that
costs more money for your company. By having inventory control, you can prevent two situations from occurring: store large-quantity products that don’t exit frequently and miss sales due to lack of merchandise. Both situations
impact your profit margins significantly .


Outsource delivery and save time and money
That`s why, a big step towards the success of your online store is logistics and transportation. In addition to selling quality products and with the best prices, delivering it quickly, efficiently, without damage and still of low value is the challenge that all e-commerce needs to overcome. A good alternative to circumvent this obstacle is the outsourcing of this service.

By outsourcing service with a carrier, your store gains many advantages. The first is the guarantee of safe and timely delivery with the customer. By fulfilling dates, in addition to adding credibility, it also retains the customer and attracts good reviews for your business.

Another positive point is cost benefit. Think that when you transfer the freight amount to the customer, if that price is too high, there are high chances of purchase cancellation, and if your store promises free shipping, assuming high
values further decreases your monthly profit. By hiring a third-party carrier, you can negotiate prices that are balanced with your sales. In addition, you can determine flat rates for certain regions. This practice can further increase your sales, since a value that would fluctuate depending on the weight and quantity of the purchase, can influence your consumer to buy more, since the delivery price does not change.

All these points are indispensable so that, in the end, the consumer experience is positive. Visualizing from the decision to purchase to the receipt of the merchandise is what makes your e-commerce a successful enterprise.

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