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Logistics Automation

Logistics automation is the most efficient way to optimize an increasingly vital sector for the success of companies.

Logistics has great strategic potential, since it helps in the optimization of processes and also to leverage results.

With the new technologies that are emerging for integration and process analysis, there are tools that make routines even more efficient. And to put them into practice, logistics automation is critical.

Logistic automation is the adoption of management systems and other tools that cause processes to run automatically reducing considerably the need for manual controls.

In addition to monitoring the logistics process, decreasing the amount of work in companies, logistics automation contributes to streamline and integrate processes, reduce costs and improve quality.

In sum, logistics automation ensures improvements in the way processes are managed, helping managers to have a detailed view of decision-making.

Investing in logistics automation reinforces the company’s modernization. The adoption of technological and efficient systems raises the quality of processes and reverts to customer satisfaction.

After all, that’s all that matters, isn’t it?

Benefits of logistics automation

  • Process integration – with the help of tools, logistic automation ensures process integration, allowing the flow of activities to be faster and more efficient.
  • Inventory control – with inventory management software in the supply chain,
    more precisely controls incoming/outgoing goods, avoiding faults and waste.
  • Increased productivity – when using technological resources in the operation, as process management systems and automation tools, achieves higher productivity and quality indicators.
  • Monitoring the logistics process – with the use of control tools in transportation management, such as TMS, all freight is monitored: goods tracking, route planning, etc.
  • Cost reduction – better stock utilization together with the decrease of staff to manage equipment, yields good operational cost reduction.
  • Shard information- integrated software provides quick access to useful data and information, used by those responsible for the sectors.
  • Employee safety – logistics automation of warehouses and other operational activities ensures greater security for employees, because it reduces risks.
  • Performance monitoring – performance assessment systems enable the leader of each area to identify the productivity of operational , managerial and administrative processes.
  • Control over processes – the standardization of logistical processes allows monitoring each activity in real time.
  • Reduction of errors – with automated processes, the incidence of errors decreases and therefore rework also.
  • Support for decision-making – work process reports increase the control of routines, providing the manager with enough information for decision-making.

The best of logistics automation

Cost reduction is one of the main advantages of logistics automation.

With more secure and reliable information, centralized in a single database,
provides increased productivity, reduced errors and rework, reduced waste and increased efficiency.

In addition, logistic automation enables continuous improvements, since the evaluation of the results allows to identify faults and their causes and, thus, to take steps to fix them.


It takes good planning to deploy logistics automation.

Sequoia stands out for the continuous improvement in logistics services and application of customized technological solutions, complete and integrated for companies of all segments.

Uses innovative software and equipment applying the latest WMS Systems (Warehouse Management) and TMS (Transport Management), specially developed to expedite the procedures of e-commerce.

In addition, it has sorters in its B2C operations.

Automated Parcel Delivery System, the Sorter standardizes loading and unloading processes, provides greater operational speed and accuracy in delivery routing. And it also generates information for the customer about the position of the cargo and weight of the merchandise.

With distribution centers located strategically in previleged sites, plus delivery and collection systems carried out by its own fleet, Sequoia offers complete customized strategies.

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