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Black Friday Warm up 2018!

Preparations for Black Friday 2018 have begun!
On October 30, we held a meeting at Sequoia with our delivery partners from various regions of Brazil. The guests were greeted with a custom kit and t-shirt for the event. After this meeting, there is no doubt that we will have an excellent Black Friday!

To strengthen the relationship, the day began with an integration between all the guests during a relaxed breakfast, followed by the words of our CEO, Armando Marchesan, who presented Sequoia’s growth. Bruno Henrique, chief operating officer, highlighted our operational evolution in B2C, especially since 2016, where there was a large increase in customers served and partners, as well as the growth in the volume of orders delivered.

Ricardo Taschetto, from the risk management area, presented the structure of the area, which operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, supporting the operations of both Sequoia and the client. Roseane Saturnino, B2C customer service manager, showed the evolution of the consumer over the decades, in addition to e-commerce revenues in Brazil, the steady growth in order volume and emphasized especially the importance of providing good customer service. They are the foundation of the business.

All guests had the opportunity to learn about the operation of our mega CD in Embu das Artes and followed the process carried out in the B2C sector.

“The day was marked by the strengthening of our partnership with Sequoia. It is important to have known the CD, especially the shipping area, and to know personally the people we relate by email and WhatsApp… This encourages us to increasingly improve our service level with Sequoia, ”said Damares Venazzi, Maringá’s partner.

Diniz Carvalho, Sequoia’s innovation and excellence manager, presented the mobile deployment project, where 13 bases were visited, totaling over 15,000 km traveled and over 200 trained drivers. Diniz emphasized the importance of carrying out casualties. After the implementation of the project began, the number of mobile casualties increased by over 40% and, to facilitate understanding of the correct way to carry out the casualties, a manual was developed! Soon, the project will be implemented in more regions.

Paulo Guedes, Sequoia’s executive manager, presented the operating model of the planning area, which measures impacts and reorganizes curves according to impact, always seeking continuous improvement, applying new tools and creating new processes. Mário Costa, B2C Executive Manager, stressed the importance of having an exceptional Black Friday and exceeding expectations!

Check out some testimonials of who was part of our warm-up for Black Friday 2018!

“The day was fantastic! I saw the people I had always heard about in this group… the event brings exchange of experience, brings people closer, gives the necessary value to each sector, shows the importance of partnership and what the real goal to have the partnership is, also puts in practice the need and the role of each one at this moment… I found the seriousness of the board and management to make sure that everything goes well and so that both the shippers, as the end customer, come out, because we formed commitment and know that I will do everything for it to work. We stongly believe in the success and also in the strengthening of the partners in this new stage, with frank and objective conversations to be all victorious! ”, José Luiz, partner of the Southern region.

“It was an amazing event and very well organized. It is very important for Sequoia partners to understand how important this moment is for the market, and at the same time, it is a great forum for discussing ideas and pointing out possible improvements in our daily lives ”, Felipe Possmoser, partner of Uello (Grande SP).

“I thought the Black Friday meeting at Sequoia was great! It was very useful to know even more about Sequoia, its directors, staff and its large structure. Having this meeting next to the biggest event that works with logistics, which is Black Friday, helped me to have another perspective on this important date. ”Juan Vila Real, Brasilia’s partner.

“Very gratifying to have organized and participated in the event. I am sure that the first objective was achieved, which was to strengthen the partnership with our agents, show the various opportunities we can offer to increase partnership with other segments within Sequoia and make clear our differential, quality and transparency. Now, let’s look for the 2nd goal, which is to make the best Black Friday of E-commerce in Brazil happen! ”Diniz Carvalho, Sequoia’s Excellence Innovation Manager.

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