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Technology and Integration

Use of innovative software and equipment using the latest Warehouse Management (WMS) and TMS (Transport Management) systems specifically designed to streamline e-commerce processes.

Location and Performance

Distribution Centers strategically located in privileged locations, with easy access to the main highways and freight terminals in Brazil. Among them, the Ports of Santos (SP), Navegantes and Itajaí (SC).

Precision and Know-How

High quality services added to Logistics and Transport operations and in-depth knowledge of the educational market, e-commerce, Fashion & Retail and transportation of fractional cargo with full support in both Tax and Fiscal areas.

Performance Models

Supply Chain Management

Sequoia operates under the Integrated Management model providing the most appropriate solutions for each company in each situation.

By developing customized strategies that include demand planning and stock replenishment, Sequoia designs streamlined and efficient operations and coordination meshes, with specific consultancies for each project.

Inventory and order management is performed through WMS Storage Management Systems with online control reports that allow tracking of the entire distribution path in real time, including through mobile devices.

Quality in everything we do

Experienced and continuously trained professionals, our constantly updated fleet, innovative digital technologies and a network of experienced and qualified partners and suppliers are the hallmark of Sequoia excellence in all the solutions we have developed for your company.
The Sequoia quality standard is present at every stage of each Logistics project. From the packaging of the goods and preparation for distribution at the points of sale until the delivery of the products at the final destination.
Sequoia differentiated services can even include the handling and transportation of garments already wrapped in hangers, ready to be marketed in the Fashion & Retail markets, for example

Efficiency in Intermodal Services

Utilizing innovative features and best market practices, Sequoia operates with project-specific modals that provide greater efficiency and savings for your business.

High Value Added Services

With integrated packaging, labeling, storage and control solutions, Sequoia offers additional benefits such as:

  • Delivery and collection systems carried out by own fleet
  • Detailed monitoring of order cycle
  • Specialized management of third parties and related services
  • Tracking of freight and transportation routes

High Impact Numbers

Positions of pallets distributed in their units
Square meters of warehouses
Equipment in the fleet 100% tracked by our system
Deliveries per day. Dedicated and fractional loading

Strategic Units

With its own large storage infrastructure located in the South and Southeast regions and a service structure formed by an extensive network of affiliated companies, Sequoia guarantees efficient delivery throughout the national territory.

More flexibility. More intelligence. More agility. More technology.
We deliver more because – more than serving your company, more than delivering your products – we always work to exceed your expectations.

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